© 2009 Kang Leica Store Staff shot with the M9

A brief encounter with the Leica M9: 2 of 7

So this is my first ever Leica photograph – shot with the M9 (I cannot stop saying that) and shot against the light at ISO 640 and wide open at f1.4. I never got his name, but he was the top lad who served me. On close inspection there is a little luminous noise, but boy who the hell cares – LOOK at that Leica Look. I never really believed it, but it is true, there is something magical about Leica Glass that Nikon lenses just don’t have.

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  1. Posted September 30, 2009 at 11:13 am | #

    Hi Kang,

    Now you know why I like a Leica, my trusty M8 is used more and more http://slubomirski.blogspot.com/. Your 1st shot is a Leica classic, available – luminous light which reveals more sublety, the ore you look at it. The small size and quiet shutter leaving the subject relaxed and un-posed.

    well done for being noticed and being put on the Leica M9 Links page on the Leica User Forum.
    Regards, Stefan

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