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Mandarin Kitchen: Lobster Noodle Bokeh

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    Hi Fili,Sorry it took so long to respond to your cnemmot. Vacations called. I’ve had an enormous response to this series, and from what Peggy has told me, she has also gained a number of new subscribers since I started featuring her videos here on MSW.There are a number of reasons why I chose to help Peggy out. The first is because she is a local enterpreneur. When I was her age, I remember how hard it was to get people to look seriously at my work. I think Peggy has enormous potential and if you compare her first videos to her most recent videos, I think you’ll notice a huge improvement.The second reason why I chose to feature Peggy’s videos is because her later videos delve into Taiwanese culture. I find it really appealing and refreshing to be seeing Taiwan through the eyes of a local blogger/vlogger. There is no one else out there doing what Peggy is doing. One of the main features here on MSW is culture and there is no better way to learn about culture than by hearing it from a local and by taking it in through language. Finally, my audience has changed a lot over the past three years. I used to get a lot of readers based in Taiwan and China. This has changed as MSW has grown to include a more global audience. Most of my readers now are travelers who are looking for information on Taiwan or other Asian destinations. In my opinion, these videos are perfect for individuals who want to learn a few basic words and phrases in Chinese. Peggy is a charming teacher and I have a feeling that she is learning just as much as her students are. Judging from the number of hits, tweets, thumbs up, and cnemmots that I have received on this series since the beginning of January, I would say that most of my readers would agree.

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