© 2010 Kang Borough Market 2010-6

Anxiety in the crowd

Biting sharpness does not always make a great photograph. Some of the world’s most significant works are completely blurry. I am trying to shoot in context, because I think shooting in context for a subject matter gives the photograph meaning. Technical perfection is just a state of mind. Which brings me to the girl in the green jacket. The second output from my accidental portraits series. The sea of bobbing human heads in Borough market was quite abit intimidating. Wading through the traffic was hard enough, and pointing a camera in the cramped space made it even more so. One’s mind is constantly distracted in such crowds, your eyes dart around the chaos ahead of you, possibly even behind you. I saw this woman astutely aware of her surroundings, and her facial expressions said it all : On Guard.

On a separate note, if you check out the homepage, I’ve done abit of reshuffling. From now on, I’m going to quote famous people and have dropped my old Noir logo. It’s still called Noir, just no more big fuck off sign. Sub heading “Street Photographs from London”. Yo yo yo. Also give the new layout a whirl. Do you like it? You need to give it time to load. Think of it as a rolling wallpaper of photographs. Now if only I can find a way to make it go horizontal…

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