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In Transit.

I was in transit at Changi Airport for a day, spending the night at the transit hotel. In Asia, there is generally less fuss about cameras in public spaces (if Airports are indeed public). On the other hand, Singapore is generally tourist friendly. I flew with the massive A380s, on the upper deck, throughout the flight, passengers were wanting to grab a shot of this historic engineering feat.

I had my camera firmly round my neck for the entire leg of the journey, and nervously wanting to make a photo essay of this from the very beginning. While in transit, the airport seemed a microcosm of life, a bubble that exists within its own set of rules, and observing life inside, felt abit like being in another country all together. I was sight seeing I suppose.

This will be the first photo essay of sorts on Noir, I hope you enjoy this. It starts at the departure lounge at Heathrow, and ends at the departure lounge at Changi.

On the flight.

Lavatories, clear.



Clean water


Contemplating, in transit.

Free internet.

A chinese restaurant at the airport.

Taking the elevator.

At the till.

Making a decision.

Decision made.



Taking the train to the next terminal.

Terminal 1, another world.


Tea time.

The year of the Tiger.

Heading back to Terminal 2.

Moving boxes.


Fire extinguisher, sunny day.

Getting a brain massage.


Headed to the boarding room.

Departing for Brunei.

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