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Pushing the trolley

Nothing is in focus in this photograph. I think it was shot either wide open or at f2 and used the rangefinder merely to frame the image. I think the photograph was actually half a stop or so under exposed, hence the deep blacks, and grain. So they say there is a certain signature, some Leica lenses can give off, not for biting sharpness, in fact as evidence in this shot, the summilux 35 is anything but sharp. However, it does draw beautiful pictures, particularly at night with light sources – it makes them dance. The guy is actually as street food vendor, and I hurriedly snapped a shot because he was moving toward me at an incredulous speed… for a push cart. We bought from him after this shot, I think they were called Chuan Qua Bing – a type of chinese pancake.

I wish they sold them in London.

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