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Road Crossing

I had only just come from grocery shopping at Waitrose on Edgware road, just outside there was a woman on her knees, facing the wall trying to light a cigarette. Both my hands were weight down with shopping bags, though I had my Leica around my neck, the film was not advanced and my lens cap was on. It would have been such a beautiful moment to capture on film. As it was approaching late afternoon, the light was golden, just the faintest of glimmers passing on her face, it must have been windy as well, perhaps the reason she chose to shield herself, frowning brows to concentrate. Instead, I walked a few more steps, turned around regretting not capturing the moment. I stopped, advanced the film and took the lens cap off and made this photograph. One of these days, I will orientate to the Tony Ray Jones school of getting closer, and closer still.

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