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Three Lions, all the way.

I have been an England fan since 1986… according to my dad. With the time difference, my dad had alleged that I got out of bed in the wee hours of the morning to watch the hand of god sink a Lineker led England. I was three, and since then I have followed England’s rough ride on the world stage, underperforming on nearly every count. There were bright spots of course, Becks’ penalty against Argentina in ’02, 5-1 in Munich, 0-0 in ’97 against Italy for ’98 and Wayne’s brace in the 4-2 win against Croatia in ’04. I remember Becks’ magic last minute free kick that sent us to 2002. Rooney for the Golden Boot in South Africa, and I continue to dream about an Englishmen lifting the World Cup in the 21st century.

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