© 2010 Kang Photography by Kang L

Buckteeth & Tubetop

Tri-X 400, 35mm, approx f8.

I continue to be enamoured with the amazing PJ work that is published via the Guardian Eyewitness app for the iPad. If there was ever a case to be made for the future of commissioned work, then surely this app is testament to the suitability of the iPad as the perfect platform for the future of the medium.

Life magazine, for the digital age.

The TIME app already showcases the capability of the gorgeous tablet as a means of showcasing photography, more specifically, as a medium for photo journalism with their top 5 snaps of the issue.

We need more, though I’m sure people like Phaidon are already working on digital photography books as we speak. Magnum are already ‘testing the waters’ with their own iPhone app right now, it will be interesting to see how their translate their rich archive (if not the richest of photography archives in the world) to the iPad.

Oh and have you seen Moleskine’s official Kindle cover yet? Gorgeous. Only a matter of time before we see the official Moleskine iPad cover….

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