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Old man on the street.

Brick Lane, London, June 2010. 35mm f8. Kodak Gold 200.

Gosh, I haven’t written anything on here lately, and have actually been slightly distracted with summer lately. I’m beginning to tire of 35mm format, the sheer speed at which I can make images with the traditional compact format, so I’ve been looking at a Hassy.

The Hassy 503CW (or 500CM) and am completely taken by the romanticism of a square negative. Just the other day, I bought a Moleskine ring binder to archive my negs, even cutting the slides myself and mounting them, and my mind just wandered off… imaging archiving 6×6 negs. I wouldn’t need a loupe or to scan it to see the results, I’d be looking at the film itself.

However. It would slow me down completely. No street photography there. The prism is laterally inverted (Wait is that..), there is no lightmeter, and the thing weighs a ton…

…but then bokeh would be so sick, and debate over lens sharpness would be an afterthought.

I need to sell the M8 first, before I think about this.

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