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Sunday Farmers Market Shopper in Bokeh

85mm f1.4. Sunday farmers market, Marlyebone, London. Kodak Portra 800. November 2009.

I hadn’t touched my FM2n in about a year, since I got the Leicas. So I had this roll of Portra 800 in it, and it were still cold winterish days when I made this exposure. Processing them as summertime is coming to a close is a rather ironic feeling. Will have to get the coats out from the wardrobe.

Oh, before I forget. Look at the bokeh…! Hahaha! You know I’m glad I’m over the bloody bokeh fever, it’s nice to see it every now and again (especially Nikon 85mm f1.4 bokeh) but it’s not photography, it’s just dick swinging, gear lust, especially when shooting street stuff you know, but more to the point, I think photography should be about content, context, composition and subject matter; As opposed to the pursuit of beautiful blur.

Of course, I still love bokeh, who doesn’t right, hence the image, but just not everyday.

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