© 2010 Kang Ciggie smoking photog.

Cigarette smoking photographer.

35mm f8, Kodak Tri-X 400. Covent Garden, London. September 2010.

One of the benefits of film is the shock and awe I experience when the negs are returned to me. It’s like a fresh set of photographs, done by somebody else, that I’m looking at going “oh, I wonder why.”. I think Winogrand himself liked the idea. That the act of shooting and then editing his contacts were disassociated acts. He would delibrately leave enough time in between exposing and processing so that he would forget why he took a photograph, which he claims, removes any bias whatsoever, or whatever preconceived ideas he held while shooting when it came time to edit his work for publishing.

He would curate with a fresh pair of eyes.

I suppose considering the sheer volume in which he shot, the disconnect became neccessary, what with the hundreds of thousands of unprocessed film he left behind.

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