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Tilted women

Kodak Gold 200 (I think) , 35mm f1.4 (or f2). Baker Street London. August 2010.

Rarely do I shoot my lenses wide open while on the street, my lens is usually pre-focused for 1-4m at f8 and I use the viewfinder to frame rather than to focus. But every so often, I do try it wide open… especially when the new 35mm lux asph is ever on my mind. I’ve got the Canadian made, Mandler summilux you see, and while it ‘glows’ and flares when wide open, in addition to being a touch soft, it does produce elegant images with a unique fingerprint to it. Nice tones. I wonder if the exactness of digital might not suit this lens, but on film, the lens is an aged beauty. Well, I don’t need to spend an extra £3000 afterall.

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