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Hiding Couple

ISO320. 35mm f4. London. November 2010.

Nick Turpin‘s photography is really amazing. Like serious wow factor, inspirational, I have to blog about it amazing. Best of all, he resides in London, and I do recognise many of the London locales in his photos. So I can totally relate to them… of course he is a million times better than me, some of his work is just perfect. Just the epitome of the medium. And for some reason, his work feels very fresh, not rooted in the tradition of the old guard, like HCB, Frank, Winogrand…. funny how these are the same photogs that get mentioned time and again don’t you think?

I think it’s time we induct fresh blood to the shrine of street photography. We need new heroes beyond the tri-x, f8 wide angle gang of a world that has passed by.

I first came across his wildly witty photographs in the Street Photography NOW book, which is a fabulous collection focusing on the lost art that is Street Photography. This year, the genre is experiencing a sort of revival, and I’m just ever so glad that people are starting to get it now.

Street photography is an addiction, it feels like a hunt, and it feels strangely pure. I think it’s the most ‘honest’ form of photography, whatever the hell that means of course, maybe it is utterly meaningless, but I think what defines great street photos are that they are not confined by convention. They could be about reality, or a version of it, whatever it may be, it is just something interesting to look at, something visual, something that looks like Life.

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