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Winter 6×6.

80mm f8. Fuji RXP. London. December 2010.

One of my first slides through the Hasselblad 500CM. Actually it is my first attempt with Medium Format.

First impressions are that the tonality and level of detail are way higher than any 35mm camera I’ve shot with so far. Totally next level shit. Love it. However, it is a much slower system to use, so not quite suited to the kind of snap shot street photography I am used to doing. But in a way, since it takes more effort to frame, compose and focus, I feel the results are beautiful, in a very different way. A more thoughtful manner perhaps.

Not that I was ever into photoshopping film borders, but it is pretty cool to have ‘real’ film borders scanned from the transparency.

It was quite challenging scanning this film on my Epson V700. Keeping the film completely flat was not very easy. I think I will need to buy the better scanning 3rd party film holders.

Now that I have verified that the film back is not leaking light, I can’t wait to run several more rolls through this bad boy and see what it is capable of.

Especially with people photography. Think now is the time to gather some friends and do proper portraits.


  1. Posted January 8, 2011 at 4:20 pm | #

    Great shot especially if it’s your first attempt! Very interesting comments too. Look forward to seeing your portraits with this.

  2. Kang
    Posted January 8, 2011 at 7:43 pm | #

    Mark – Thanks for the kind words :)

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