what is noir?

I’m not entirely sure what makes a photograph, beautiful. But the way my mind chooses to remember incidents, people and things are by way of dramatic snapshots, a frozen moment that pulsates through my brain, leaving what I imagine, what ultimately becomes an impression. Maybe that’s what good photographs are meant to convey, not to strive to be aesthetic, but simply to recreate the feeling of a memorable impression.

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why noir? I photograph people, things and places around me. I upload them almost daily to this website. And I live in London. The title refers to the perversion of photography, in that you require darkness in order to capture light. Noir is my black box. my gear Eyes · Camera · Lens · Film · Billingham · Hunger · Passion · Courage hire me You can view my portfolio here. inspiration · the moment captured · moodaholic · simplify to amplify · strobist · electrolite · mango power girl · boxed light · radiant lite · dan winters · david loftus · foundation hcb · stefan lubo · the photo book · americanvirus · 5b4 · in a lonely place · Chasing Light · Photography Schools · Gothenburg 365 · Chromogenic · Dominic Davies · Rion.nu · Burn Magazine · Charlie Colmer · eyecurious · Deep Sleep · Yanidel’s Parisian Street Photography · Alec Soth · Nadav Kander · Invisible Ph t grapher Asia · The Big Picture · Justin Sainsbury · Ryan McGinley